​We will be collaborating with Boston University's public relations lab starting in the fall.

We would also like to thank the Maryland Health Care Association for their contribution. 

Call your local law enforcement agency if you are aware of a possible suspicious activity, but if you do not want to call them, you can call NCCSAFE anonymously at:


Free Public Citizen Training:

When: March 26 (Edgewater) April 17 (Pasadena)

Where: Anne Arundel County Public Library

Free Public Citizen Training:
When: April 4
Where: Howard County Public Library

Thanks to our sponsors!

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The National Center for Citizen Safety mission is to provide the general public with resources and information to promote preparedness and safety awareness in the event of an act of domestic terrorism and to provide citizens with support resources.

These resources include everything from a 24/7 cyber tip line to report domestic tips on potential threats across the nation, to conducting training in both public awareness online and in regional and city venues, identify laws policies for the public response, and most importantly conduct campaigns nationwide through educational initiative and public private partnerships to prevent the victimization of the public-at-large.

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