David C.

Technology since 2017.

Barbara Golden

Retired U.S. Secret Service Special Agent

Angie Kozlowski
Digital Media & Public Relations Strategist

Susan Weilminster
Executive Assistant of the NCCSAFE
Contact at susanweilminster1@

Lois Blevins
President and Founder of the NCCSAFE
Contact at info@nccsafe.org

Nick K.
Finance since 2018.

Board of Directors

National Center for Citizen Safety

Ellie M.

Communications since 2018.

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Kidus S.

Public Relations and Marketing since 2018.

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Brian C.

Criminology Intern

Jojo R. & Albert L.
Web Design Interns

Peg Mannix

Retired U.S. Secret Service Deputy Assistant Director

James D'Amelio

Retired U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in charge

Public Relations Interns

Rafael Matos
Behavioral Pyschologist

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Deirdre Henry

President of the USSS Employee Recreation Association

Linnea C.

since 2018.

Brandon F.

Law enforcement and survivor support since 2016.

Chip Sheehan

Retired U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officer

Jojo R.

Technology since 2018.

Julia G.

Communications since 2018.