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It is our mission at NCCSAFE to provide the general public with resources and information to promote preparedness and safety awareness in the event of an act of domestic terrorism. It is our hope that we can promote public awareness with respect to safety protocols and necessary citizen responses during an active assailant situation or any kind of act of domestic terrorism. 

Founder and President, Lois Blevins, has 29 years of federal law enforcement experience in both intelligence and training. Blevins has also taught many courses related to law enforcement in her experience in federal law enforcement. Blevins hopes to promote preparedness across Maryland by hosting free training events that share the A.C.T. public awareness campaign. A.C.T. stands for Assess, Cover Yourself, and Take Action. It is the hope of NCCSAFE that citizens know how to A.C.T. just as they learned to 'Stop, Drop, and Roll' in Kindergarten. 

The ultimate goal is to provide citizens with support resources in response to acts of domestic terrorism. These resources include everything from a 24/7 cyber tip line to report domestic tips on potential threats across the nation, to conducting training in both public awareness online and in regional and city venues, identify laws policies for the public response, and most importantly conduct campaigns nationwide through educational initiative and public private partnerships to prevent the victimization of the public-at-large.

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